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Sometimes we just need a little space. So, I decided to make a classroom decoration bundle revolving around space. It has elements such as astronauts, little space dogs, aliens, and spaceships. It makes for a fun, all-around good-looking classroom when put together. The set has all the things you need for your students and extra bits just for fun.

***More to be added***

This bundle will be expanded upon in the future to include more decorations and space-themed items for your classroom.

If you would like anything specific to be added please let me know and I’ll be happy to do so when I am able to.

This set includes:


Alphabet poster: A single poster with all the letters of the alphabet in 2 different sizes.

Alphabet pages: The alphabet with each letter separately, 2 per page.

Attendance posters: A poster to add student names to easily take attendance for the day (2 sizes)

Flag banners: Contains all the alphabet in lower case, upper case, as well as articles and some symbols. This can be used to create various signs for the classroom. You can use it as a welcome sign or write anything that you would like.

Birthdays poster: A header page with separate pages for each month.

Daily calendar: A poster usable for each day containing the weather, and other details such as date.

Stationary posters: 2 styles of stationary posters and 1 set of smaller labels.

Shape posters: 2D (15) shapes in 2 different styles

Numbers posters: Numbers 1 – 20 in 5 different styles

Number square: Poster in 2 sizes from 1-120

Numberline: A number line from 1 – 100

Student name tags: 6 designs in various colors.


Posters for areas (6): Art, Explore, Literature, Numeracy, Reading, Stationary

Backgrounds and borders (4 + 6(portrait and landscape versions)): Usable for own designs as well as worksheets and other activities.

Astronaut name tags: 5 different colors in different sizes for all uses.

Astronaut dog name tags: 4 different colors in different 2 different sizes.

Astronaut face cut-outs: An astronaut with a face cut-out to insert student photos or illustrations for each individual student.


The files are all PDFs. Print and laminate the pages to use in the classroom.

Some pages are labeled as A4 which can also be printed on letter size.

A3 pages should be printed on A3 or similar sizes.

Some name tags are also images in PowerPoint to allow you to edit them.


You are free to use and modify the material.

Non-commercial use only

You may not resell the material.

Thanks for your time

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Scaped-themed classroom decor that includes all the things you need to engage young learned, make the classroom attractive, and help with learning.