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This manual was compiled specifcally for frst tme users of AutoCAD. In order to become effectve and efcient in using a CAD system, you must learn to create geometric enttes quickly and accurately. Lines and Circles are the frst two geometrical enttes which you will encounter. Straight lines and circles are used in almost all technical designs. As these are perhaps the two most important geometric enttes, you should master the skills of creatng and modifying these enttes. Our main goal is that you will enjoy using AutoCAD and be able to complete all the examples in this manual. Additonal exercises and other more challenging drawings are included in the ‘AutoCAD Practcal Drawing’ pack which supplements this Introducton to AutoCAD.
Completng this Fundamentals course using AutoCAD does not imply or make you eligible for any of the Autodesk’s Certfcates of Completon.

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AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals is an easy to sue step by step guide to the fundamentals of AutoCAD 2D.