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These resources and reading booklet according to the FREE YOUTUBE video teaches kids the concept of combining letters to form a completely new sound. The sh and the th phonics are explained. A fun well-known rhyme is included to teach the kids the th sound.

Grammar in the form of choosing she (shall/will) is also included very briefly. The kids love the sounds going along with all the vehicles while reading their sentences.

There are sound cards that you can use to combine the letters and make new sounds. The rhyme is also included for the teacher to use as flashcards to have fun learning the th rhyme. And a reading booklet of 18 pages is included with activities to do. Kids can use this booklet in the classroom and for homework.


Teachers are more than welcome to use this video for a single lesson or to divide it into shorter parts during one week.

You are also more than welcome to turn down the volume and use your own voice and accent. Whatever works best for you and your kids in your classroom.

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