Resource Description

The book and games are suitable for children between 2 – 4 years old.

Telling children stories about animals teaches them how to love and care about the animals in our world. Children learn the very important sense of connection, empathy and respect for other living creatures.

It develops their natural curiosity to help them understand that animals also needs to be fed and kept warm. It creates an awareness and understanding of others’ well being and that their behaviour can affect others.

What can my child learn:

1. Fine motor skills – pick up the cards
2. Creativity and fine motor skills – Decorate the animals
3. Facts about the animals in the story
4. Expand vocabulary
5. Attention to detail
6. Promotes memory.

What is included:

a. Illustrated story book
b. Sets of flash cards
c. Instructions to play the game.
d. Sheep and rooster to decorate
e. Instructions to complete the Rooster and the sheep.
f. Matching game.
g. Bonus fun idea.

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