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This bundle includes 16 books (and over a thousand pages of teaching and writing tasks) for 9-14 year olds. It includes ‘Creative Story Writing’, ‘Learning Persuasive Writing’, ‘Information Writing’, ‘Improve Your English’ and the 12 books of the ‘Creative Writing Tutor’ series.

‘Teach Your Child To Write Good English’ series

Teach your child to write good English is the essential guide for all students wanting to develop their literacy skills and improve their grades in English assignments and examinations.

Book 1: Creative Story Writing guides the student through the story writing process, as if they had a tutor by their side. This book is designed to help the child think up ideas, providing starting points and guidelines on structuring and organizing their writing. Creative Story Writing teaches the rudiments of story writing. It teaches the child to plan stories with an introduction, building up events to create suspense in the middle paragraph and winding up the plot with a good ending. There is emphasis on building up characters and settings.

Book 2: Learning Persuasive Writing and Argument will enable the student to practice different aspects of writing: letters, leaflets, brochures and newspaper articles for example. The book also sets out how to write a well-balanced argument. It teaches the pupil how to structure their writing, putting forward a point of view, backing it up with convincing evidence, building up a relevant counter argument and knocking it down, as well as, putting forward their own comments and opinions. It focuses on discursive writing enabling the pupil to examine points for and against in a variety of subjects suitable for older children and teenage readers, healthy eating, fashion, social issues and many more. It includes a lively collection of writings, poems and a play to inspire the pupil. These are designed as starting points, ideal for the pupil who finds it difficult to think up ideas for writing, challenging them to recreate their own persuasive pieces.

Book 3: Information Writing teaches the child to recognize the difference between facts and opinions. It concentrates on different aspects of information writing required by the National Curriculum, including writing to advise, to inform, to explain, analyse, review and comment, giving examples. It teaches the child how a newspaper article is structured, how to write formal and informal letters, diaries, police reports, e-mails, autobiographies, interviews, book reviews and many more.

In each book, attention is given to making writing more interesting by varying sentence types and the importance of using good spelling, punctuation and grammar. The student will investigate writing for the appropriate audience and using different narrative structures. They will learn to evoke mood and atmosphere by using good vocabulary. In addition to this the set teaches organisational and literary devices in writing, including, figurative language, emotive words, repetition and connectives. They will learn to evoke mood and atmosphere by using good vocabulary. In addition to this the set teaches organisational and literary devices in writing, including, figurative language, emotive words, repetition and connectives. They will learn vital writing skills that will assist their studies in other areas of the curriculum. Teach your child to write good English includes an exciting range of model answers and sample texts written by children and provides practice questions to test them. The set is packed with vital hints and tips to enable the pupil to gain top grades.

‘Improve Your English’ focuses on specific concepts of punctuation, grammar and spelling that children find hard to grasp. It explains how sentences are built up and can be made more interesting by the correct use of clauses and connectives or by eliminating dull words like nice or got and replacing them with more interesting vocabulary.
As children progress it becomes more important to be accurate with punctuation and spelling; valuable marks in examinations can be lost by poor spelling. The book focuses on the correct use of homophones, words that sound the same but are spelt differently, like their, there and they’re (which are a problem for many young writers). The parts of speech are explained in a simple, understandable way, encouraging the child to use colourful verbs, adjectives and adverbs to make their writing more descriptive. The page, which describes the ghost that haunts spookily, encompasses all the different parts of speech at a glance, making complex ideas easy for children of all abilities to understand at a glance.

Following the introduction, the book, presents a series of eight graded exercises so the child can correct sentences using capital letters and punctuation, wrongly spelt words, points of grammar and match vocabulary to suitable meanings. Added to this there are suggested answers at the back of the book.
This book is essential for any child of 9-14 years wishing to brush up on their punctuation and grammar skills. However, it is particularly helpful for children learning English as a second language and those with specific learning difficulties. All Guinea Pig Education books are presented in a fun way with bold headings and simple cartoon drawings that children relate to and this book is no exception.

‘Creative Writing Tutor’ series

An essential series of twelve mini themed booklets for all children who need additional practice in writing. The Creative Writing Tutor series provides a lively series of themed booklets that will stimulate a child’s imagination and inspire him or her to write in a more interesting way and to achieve better results.
The booklets provide a tutor for the child, fun features and stories to read, follow up activities to complete, harder vocabulary to prepare children for more advanced writing and many helpful tips and techniques to improve writing style. Written by an experienced teacher, they are recommended for use at school or at home by children aged 9-13 years, of all abilities. They are excellent for stretching fast workers and able writers or preparing for writing tasks in examinations.

1000 pages approximately

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