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This product is suitable for Grade 3 and includes many activities perfect for differentiation! The poster (A4) and all worksheets are available in color and black + white.


Vocabulary words include:

capacity, container, liquid, full, half, empty, gallon, liter, milliliter, measuring cup, measure, jug.

*2 Poster options have been included with different spelling options – Liter/Litre + Milliliter/Millilitre.

10 Worksheets:

1. Identifying L or ml. Estimate the measurement. (alternative spelling options available)

2. Measure the liquid and match to the correct jar.

3. Measure the liquid and write the answer

4. Measure the liquid and add another amount

5. Measure liquid from 2 jars and add them together.

6. Measure liquid from 2 jars and subtract them from one another.

7. Word problems

8. Word problems

9. Word problems

10. Solve the capacity of different containers

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