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3-Piece Puzzles
Students will match beginning sounds and ended sounds to two pictures.
In this pack there are 15 engaging puzzles. 9 for beginning digraphs sounds and 6 ending digraphs sounds. The digraphs included are sh, ch and th.

There are 2 sets a black and white and a bright colourful set.
So if are not able to print in colour, just print it on colour paper.
This is very easy to prep, I recommend printing on card board and laminating these puzzles for durability.

This puzzles is included in a bundle pack that contains others digraph puzzles.
2 Piece Digraph Puzzles
Digraph Word Puzzles
Digraph Picture Puzzles

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January 12, 2019 Sassie South African

I was excited about this product and can see that you put a lot of work into it. Would love a version with coloured pictures but no coloured background. The students tend to look for matching colours instead of focusing on the sounds and pictures. Thank you!