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*Due to the size of the folder, purchase of this product will give you access to a Google Drive folder from where you can download all images to your computer. The folder is 260mb.*

In the folder, you will find:

252 x 300dpi high-quality, original PNG images

Included in the images are all of the following fractions in all three different types of pizza:

Halves (1/2 and 2/2)

Thirds (1/3 to 3/3)

Quarters (1/4 to 4/4)

Fifths (1/5 to 5/5)

Sixths (1/6 to 6/6)

Sevenths (1/7 to 7/7)

Eighths (1/8 to 8/8)

Ninths (1/9 to 9/9)

Tenths (1/10 to 10/10)

Elevenths (1/11 to 11/11)

Twelfths (1/12 to 12/12)

The three types of pizza are Hawaiian, Salami and Vegetarian.

Use these images to create your own resources such as worksheets, task cards, games, presentations and more.

The pizza types make it great for word problems or adding and taking away slices from different pizzas.

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252 PNG images of pizza fractions from one half to twelve twelfths.